About bean supreme

Bean Supreme is the original plant food adventurer — we’ve been dreaming up delicious plant-based options in New Zealand since the 80s, when meat and 3 veg was the norm, and everyone sat around a dinner table phone free.

Today we’re still leading the charge, driven by the belief that the environment, its animals and you deserve a better tomorrow, while thoroughly enjoying every minute of today.

This simple philosophy keeps us inventing convenient, nutritious and downright tasty tofu and wholefood that everyone enjoys. There’s no secret to how we do it — we create food in a real kitchen (not a lab), using the best ingredients, working with growers to source ethically and harvest in season.

We don’t cook with palm oil or GMOs, and we don’t pretend to be meat — because plants are naturally delicious, nutritious and oh-so-sustainable.

Put simply, supreme food is one of life’s great pleasures — it brings us together, fuels our bodies and enables us to live healthy full lives. It tastes good; even better knowing that it is good — for ourselves, our families and of course our earth.

So enjoy, share, care, and know you’re eating your way to a world that’s supremely better for everyone.